New York City Real Estate
A mock advertisement for StreetEasy shows the lavish statistics of apartment rentals and purchases in the Big Apple. Using fast-paced music and edgy graphics, we designed a video that captured the humorous aspect of real estate in the city that never sleeps.

1-Day Bus Tour in Israel
This upbeat video integrates photographic manipulation and text elements to promote a Jewish National Fund bus tour to the Northern Negev.

JNF: See How We’ve Grown
Jewish National Fund does more than just plant trees in Israel. With fun, upbeat music in the background, this video promotes the organization's myriad of interests and initiatives including special needs service, firefighting, scientific research, campus advocacy, education and much more.

National Freight Transportation Company’s training tutorial
For a learning simulation to train employees at a railway company, this excerpt from the video conveys working relationships between functional teams.