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“We hired Sherene to help us storyboard, illustrate and animate an explainer video that needed to be finished on a time crunch for our “The IRS Files” series. Sherene did a wonderful job in a short time frame, was easy to collaborate with, a great communicator and a pleasure to work with. Would definitely work with her again!”

— Alumdena Toral, Executive Producer


"I worked with Sherene on a big client's custom animation video ad, from conception to final animation. It was easy to work with Sherene on the concept and storyboarding, and she shared such valuable insight and detail about the video's content, colors, length, and more. The video performs really well, and shows that Sherene's work was impeccable!"

— Anette Isabella Nilsen, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


"Sherene did a fabulous animation of Margolis Bloom D'Agostino's new logo, which you can see here: She is talented, reliable, and so easy to work with. I can't wait for our next project!"

— Stephanie Zelman, Principal & Creative Director

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“I hired Sherene to create a new logo for my company and a video for my website. Working with her was an amazing experience—she really listened to my vision and created the perfect logo and a captivating video that encompassed exactly what I wanted to be showcased. Sherene is professional, reliable, easy to work with, and does amazing work. I strongly recommend her as a highly skilled graphic designer and animator, and would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

— Sarah Grace, Certified Professional Organizer

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“Sherene is the unicorn of my project team. Aside from creative designs that fit perfectly within our board games and computer simulations, she delivers on time or early with meticulous attention to detail. She adapts beautifully to feedback and has the rare talent of bringing nebulous ideas to life. She’s the person on the project you never need to worry about.”

— Christina Schultz, Engagement Manager

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“Sherene is a talented graphic designer and perhaps, more importantly, a joy to work with. Her work on JNF’s newsletter, an intense and complex project that requires not just design skills but also creative thinking, is particularly exemplary. She is quick to respond to communications, adjusts well to feedback and prides herself on delivering projects on time or well before a deadline. I highly recommend her!”

— Jodi Bodner, CMO

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“My business has utilized Sherene’s services for print, email, and website revisions and advertisements. I’ve found Sherene extremely easy to work with, and very knowledgeable about current trends in design. She also takes the time to give her clients a “big picture” and isn’t afraid to make suggestions that may be outside of the purview of the exact task at hand. For instance, when Sherene redesigned some graphics on our schedule page, she made several other suggestions with her fresh, knowledgeable eyes, that made it possible for us to really make that part of our website easier to read, simple, and attractive. It feels good to have a designer that goes above and beyond and thinks critically in that manner, and really has the best interests of my business at heart!”

— Julie Averill, Founder & Owner

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“I’ve worked with Sherene on several projects and I found her creativity and attention to detail among the best I’ve worked with over my forty-plus years in this industry. Sherene has the ability to bring the best out of any project she tackles.”

— Phil Brodie, Owner

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"87th Street Creative had a seamless workflow that worked independently throughout the project. Their transparent workflow was also comforting. There wasn't a lot of back-and-forths, there wasn't any confusion."

— Jon Taylor

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“Sherene is one of the most professional graphic designers I have ever worked with. She is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. What makes Sherene special is her ability to combine her creativity with a unique understanding of the business goals and objectives of our clients. I highly recommend Sherene to anyone looking to work with a world-class designer.”

— Guy Alvarez, CEO

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“Sherene is a graphic designer I highly recommend for clients with pressing project management goals and the need to collaborate in the creative process from start to finish product. She gets the tone and style right, keeps the project on target in quality output and on deadline, and is in touch with design and technology trends.”

— Denise Shaw, President

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“Sherene was referred to us when we were in need of a graphic designer to help us with new icons for our website. I can’t express how much of a pleasure it was to work with her. Sherene listened to exactly what we wanted and exceeded all expectations. For this project, we required a quick turnaround and Sherene did not disappoint. I highly recommend Sherene!”

— Yvonne Nolan, Sales & Business Development

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