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Graphic Design Work

The origin story of 87th Street Creative, in a sense, begins with graphic design. And while this isn't the focus of the business anymore, it's where it all began. If you want to see some samples of the early work 87th Street Creative did in graphic design for illustrations, logos and icons, printed material or web design and UI/UX design, click on the icons below. If you want to stay and hear the details of the backstory than read on!

Sherene was working in graphic design for about seven years, after switching careers from film scoring and sound engineering. The first career switch came about because Sherene didn't have a whole lot of work/life balance. The film industry doesn't make it easy to have a family. So, after going to school at night to learn graphic design and having a few junior positions in graphic design, Sherene had two children and was working full-time as the in-house graphic designer at the nonprofit, Jewish National Fund. It was a great job, gaining a lot of experience in print design and web graphics, she discovered that work/life balance doesn't mean work/life flexibility. Just because you have a 9-to-5 job doesn't mean parenting only happens from 5-to-9. So, Sherene had a great opportunity to begin working as a freelance graphic designer, and quit the 9 to 5 job, and of course 87th Street Creative was born...she was living on west 87th Street!


Then after a few years she began learning motion graphics, and animation, at NYU and at a great online school, School of Motion. 
In 2017, Sherene began taking on clients who wanted animated videos, and she also had a third baby. So, now with balance and flexibility in her life, 87th Street Creative became an animation studio. Projects grew bigger, and now 87th Street Creative brings on additional contractors to build engaging animated videos, with graphic design as the foundation of every project!

Logos & Icons
Printed Materials

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