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Animated Videos That Engage and 
Explain Your Brand’s Messages

87th Street Creative uses custom animation and motion graphics to explain complex topics in explainer videos. If you have a product to sell or a story to tell, whether it's a complex business, hardware, software, or service, we use motion graphics to explain it! We take text, shapes, logos, photos and illustrations and breathe life into them by giving them movement and adding music, sound effects, and voiceover. Sometimes we joke around that we're actually in the business of engagement. By taking complex topics and explaining them in an engaging way, it keeps your clients on your website, or helps customers learn more about your company or nonprofit. Most of our explainer videos are 60 - 90 seconds, but we've also done videos as long as 2-3 minutes when it's training videos for employees, or entertaining stories for children. 

The style of illustrations and the techniques of the animation can change for every project. It's important that we don't use templates or stock content, but make something unique that fits our client's brand. No two videos are the same. Frequently, we do videos that are multi-media, and other videos look like moving paintings. Watch some examples below and contact us to set up a call on how we can make explainer videos for your company. 

Got a product to sell or a story to tell? Let's collaborate!

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