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Sherene enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge about her career and the trials and tribulations she has experienced. With articles and podcasts, Sherene has spoken openly about the struggles of career pivoting, working motherhood, and being an entrepreneur. Below are links to articles and podcasts, where you can learn more about Sherene, her business, and her career. If you'd like to book her on your podcast, contact me now!

Published articles:

Sherene's Interview with Canvas Rebel

Sherene discusses the story behind the name of her business, 87th Street Creative and some of the helpful resources she's learned over the years to create animated videos that are more diverse and inclusive.

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Cool For You: Why I Made This Film

I made Cool For You, a new animated film that explains the cause of the climate crisis in a simple story children can understand and enjoy, to help my kids prepare for the world in which they’ll live.


More Likely Film Festival Attendees: Museum Patrons or Superbowl Fans?

Making a film – albeit even a short one – has been one of the most exciting and amazing creative endeavors of my life. But like many creative pursuits, it’s when people see the final product that it really comes to life.


It’s Time for Environmental Short Films to Have Their Heyday

Climate change has become such a complex topic, with so many intricacies needed to fix it — let alone addressing those who still deny it — one way to raise more awareness is educating the world’s population.


How I Found Balance and Flexibility as a Working Mom in Film and Animation

My first film, “Cool For You,” has been accepted into 39 film festivals and received multiple awards, including a Silver Anthem Award last month. As an independent filmmaker with no financial backing or creative support team, I produced, directed, animated, scored, and sound mixed/edited the an animated micro-short myself.

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How to Build a Stable Freelance Career

Running a business is a lot like raising a child: It takes a village. Anyone who has ever started a new career, launched a small business, or switched into freelancing understands the innumerable challenges ahead. As a wise old hermit in a cave once said, "It's dangerous to go alone."

How to Build a Stable Freelance Career.webp

Mothers in Motion

Thriving as a professional in the motion design field is hard. The concerns are myriad—the never-ending struggle to learn new software (those endless updates!), tap dancing through the proverbial minefield of tight budgets and deadlines, keeping on top of new technologies so you don’t get left behind, and much more. But what happens when you throw motherhood into the mix of building a motion design career?

Mothers in Motion.webp

Free Tools to Start Up Your Freelance Art Business

It can be hard to get a business up and running and market it without investing a lot. Fortunately, there are some amazing tools and services out there for solopreneurs and small businesses that are very inexpensive…or entirely free. I have found many ways to set up, run and promote my small business—87th Street Creative—without making a large investment...from marketing to invoicing and many other steps in between. 

Free Tools to Start Up Your Freelance Art Business.webp

Podcast Guest Appearances:


Cool For you

Jury Award for Best Youth Film at Cineglobe Film Festival at CERN, Honorable Mention for Global Shorts and Silver Anthem Award.

Propublica's Roth IRA

Featured in Best Video Designs by Design Rush

From edutainment to short movies, the wide range of video types can boost organic traffic by 160% and boost conversion rates by 80%. This makes videos ideal content for reaching your target ROI. In this article, we list some of the finest, most creative, and technically advanced video designs that excel in messaging and artistic value.

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