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Logos & Icons

Logos and icons are the founding block of branding for companies. It should be simple and clear, and be recognizable. They should be seen easily from afar, and help contribute to your immediate brand recognition. While logos can use images, text and shapes, sometimes it can be just shapes or just text. The five basic principles of logo design are that it's simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. Legibility is vital, and sometimes logos get "over-designed" which can lead to messy, complex logos that don't work. The best designed logos are where simplicity and creativity meet. 

Icons, similar to logos, should also be clean and simple, but even more so. They should not distract the viewer from the text associated with the icon. You can see a handful of examples below of logos and icons that 87th Street Creative was hired to create for clients in the pharmaceutical, nonprofit and legal verticals. 

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