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September Updates: Talks & Emmy Nomination

Sherene will be Speaking Twice in October

How to Promote Your Book Using GIFs & Videos

Register for this virtual event (flyer below) on October 12th at 7pm for the Long Island chapter of SCBWI: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. (But if you can't make the evening event, the video will be recorded and posted online for 30 days.)

The Finances of Creative Freelancers

Do you know any creative entrepreneurs who need a little help pricing their skills? Then, check out this virtual talk the same day, October 12th, at 12pm with the NYU Entrepreneurship Alumni Network.

How to Promote your Books Using Gifs and Videos

Emmy Nomination

Emmy Nomination!

In case you missed the post on social media about the News & Documentary Emmy-nomination we received, you can read about it here. The ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 28th. And if you'd like to watch the nominated video again, check it out on our Vimeo page.

Jury Price for Best Youth Film, Coll for You

Favorite short film of the summer!

As many of you know, Sherene was traveling a lot this summer to many film festivals for her short film "Cool For You", hence the 3-month hiatus from this newsletter. But, we're back at it and will be coming to your inbox on a monthly basis again, at least until next summer. In addition to amazing travels through Europe, great get togethers with old friends, and winning a Jury Award for Best Youth Film in Switzerland (see photo), here's a fun trailer to the funniest short film seen at all the festivals this summer. Check out the trailer to "Naptime".

This is for all the parents out there who survived the pandemic. And if you want to watch the entire 9-minute film, the director gave permission to share the film:

password: nap2021

Check Out Our Work:


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