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October Info: GIFs Aren't Peanut Butter

Why use GIFs?:

People often ask me what exactly are GIFs and what's the best use for them and how do you pronounce it? Is it with a hard or soft "G"? I heard a great line once, that we're not in the peanut

butter business, it's a hard "G"! All joking aside, I thought it would be great to share with you an interesting article about how GIFs can be used in Email Marketing. And if you want the tl:dr - GIFs can give visual interest to emails, grab your viewer's attention, and also reinforce branding. And they're great to use for holiday cheer! Make sure you've finalized your plans for any holiday marketing campaigns.

More festivals coming in November!

October was a pretty busy month with 4 festivals (3 in person!). But, November is already getting busy with more opportunities to see my short, animated film. So far, "Cool For You" will be heading to the mid-west for the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, up north to Animaze in Montreal and the Boston International Children's Film Festival. Plus, heading to the Amarcort Film Festival based in Remini, Italy, the home of Federico Fellini.

Looking for a networking opportunity?

As many of you know, I do a lot of networking. One of my favorite networking groups is my New York chapter of BNI, Business Networking International. Even if you haven't liked a meeting of BNI in the past, I encourage you to come and check out my chapter BNI 53, called "Worth Waking Up For".

True to its name, we're definitely worth getting up early for; and meeting lots of people and making connections. If you work in the area of graphic design, branding, HR, PR, personal training or massage therapy, let me know! I would love to register you to come visit and check out the group.

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