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ProPublica Video Abusing Roth IRA as A Billion-Dollar Tax Shelter

Non Profits

Unless you have access to nonpublic stock of a future tech giant, it’s pretty hard to turn a humble retirement account into a tax-free piggy bank. This video is based on reporting done by ProPublica, which is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power.

Sherene Strausberg
Mauricio Rodriguez Pons

Maya Eliahou
Chris Moran

Nadia Sussman
Mauricio Rodriguez Pons
Almudena Toral

Executive Producer
Almudena Toral

Justin Elliot
Patricia Callahan
James Bandler


Emmy-Nomination and Online Journalism Award

The day after this video was posted on Youtube, Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted it to her followers. Since then, it's gotten almost 80k views.

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