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87th Street Creative is an Animation  Studio Where Creativity Means Business


87th Street Creative is led by award-winning, Emmy-nominated Art Director, Animator, and Illustrator Sherene Strausberg.

Let us create custom hand-crafted animated videos that engage your followers and grab your customer's attention. We've designed videos for American Express, Walmart, ProPublica, and many more! Browse our work and say hi!

Animated Logos

Bring your logo into the 21st century by making it wiggle, jiggle, flip or flow. It can be used in a dozen places - from your email signature to your website and more.

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Animated Social Media Posts

If you have a great grid of social media posts with just images, then add some movement to it. Bring your social media posts to life with animated graphics.


Animated Sales Pitches

Use Zoom to add some animation to your online sales pitches. We can put the vroom in your Zoom room with background animated videos; no need to Share Screen! 


Animated Ads

If you have only 15 or 30 seconds to sell your product, then make it memorable. Or maybe you have just 6 seconds for a YouTube ad. Then use animation to make it sell, sell, sell! 


Animated Explainers

Got a complicated topic that needs some explaining? Animate a mission statement or a complex product with explainer videos. Great for nonprofits, journalists, and tech companies.  


Animated Training Videos

If your HR department needs to make training videos or compliance videos, why not make them animated? Great for onboarding employees and software training too.


Animation for Documentaries

Need to add animation to your documentary? Elevate your movie with custom lower thirds, title sequences, animated graphs and charts and any additional scenes. 


Animation with Video Edits

If you have user generated videos or testimonials you need edited with branded animation, we do that too!

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