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February Update: New Collaboration and Motion Award Nomination!

Enjoy this fun video created by 87th Street Creative to start your day with a smile!

Ooze + 87th Street Creative

We're excited to share the news of a new collaboration of 87th Street Creative with Ooze House of Pancakes. Ooze is an audio production studio based in Westchester, NY that creates custom sonic IDs (aka: mnemonics) for companies. Think Intel (ba-ba-ba-bah!) or McDonalds (da-da da da dahh!). But, now those custom sounds can also accompany an animated logo designed by 87th Street Creative. Check out the animation we did below, but with the sound here!

Received Motion Awards Nomination

We were very excited to learn last month that "Cool For You" received a nomination for the Short Film category in the Motion Awards from Motionographer. What is a Motion Award, you ask? In their words, "The Motion Awards by Motionographer is the only awards show that celebrates the entire landscape of Motion Design; it’s widely considered the highest recognition in the industry." As it was for the Emmy, it's an honor to be nominated!

February Film Festival Updates

"Cool For You" heads out west! First, to schools in California. On February 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th, schools in Nevada City, CA will bring students to the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to watch a series of educational films for kids, including "Cool For You". But, if you want to watch the film online and support a great festival, check out the Colorado Environmental Film Festival for a virtual screening of "Cool For You", for as little as $12, in the "People in Nature Collection".

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