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January Update: To Looking Behind and Ahead This Month

A New Month & A New Year!

January is such a fabulous month. It’s a new month of a new year…a clean slate, a fresh start. So much to look forward to but also simultaneously much to look back and reflect on. Did you know that January is named after the Roman god Janus? Often depicted with two faces, Janus is the Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. So in light of that, I wanted to share something from last year and something coming up this year.

One of the best projects 87th Street Creative worked on last year was many, many months in the making. It was a collaboration with Kiwi Callahan, a director and editor. She did all the live footage in this video for the bi-partisan think tank, CNAS: Center for New American Security, about the rise of personalist leaders in democracies. I was responsible for all of the animated segments. It was a tricky project coming up with so many visual metaphors but it was a lot of interesting and challenging work.

Fun New Project Coming in 2023

There's a fun new animated project on the horizon, but is currently under NDA. So, shhhhh for now! But, I can guarantee it'll make you smile when I share it in two months, especially for any pet lovers out there! So, keep your eyes peeled for my newsletter in a few months. Until then...

Still Figuring Out Your Yearly Goals?

Check out a post I made last week on LinkedIn about an article about creating a Career Development Document. The author, Jessica Ivins, actually responded to my post! As a compulsive daily journal writer, this really resonated with me. I've been documenting my personal life for decades, but have only recently begun documenting my professional life. I find both to be a really rewarding process. And have even expanded it to tracking what books I'm reading, movies I'm watching, articles I'm reading and websites I'm enjoying.

Cool For You: Festival Updates

There’s also lots of updates to share for Cool For You. Four more festivals have scheduled the film for screenings so far this year. For now, the next one coming up is The Norwalk Film Festival this Saturday, January 21st at 10am at the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, Connecticut. And that same afternoon, I will also be speaking on a panel: “Film Festival Submissions” at the Norwalk Public Library. More festival info coming in February and March.

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